Episode 23: MRI Protocol Optimization

Bill Faulkner and Kristan Harrington provide a wide-ranging discussion of MRI protocol optimization considerations. Click Here to Claim Your...

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Episode 22: MR Safety Potpourri Part 2

Bill, Kristan, Howard, and Karl continue the wide-ranging discussion of various MR safety issues related to implants, devices and...

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Episode 21: MR Safety Potpourri Part 1

Guest Karl Vigen, PhD joins Bill, Kristan and Howard in a wide ranging discussion of MR safety considerations in...

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Episode 20: Not your momma’s MRI scanner

In this MR iCast, Kristan, Howard and Bill discuss MRI systems that differ from the conventional cylindrical bore 1.5...

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Episode 19: MR Safety Screening Considerations

Listen in to Bill, Kristan, and Howard as they discuss MR safety considerations and MR safety screening. Claim Your...

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Episode 15: Education and Opportunities

In this episode Bill, Kristan, and Guest Neil Huber discuss Educational Opportunities in MRI. No CE credit is available...

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Episode 14: Adverse Events

In this episode, Howard, Bill, and Kristan discuss Adverse Events. Click Here to Claim Your Credit This MRiCast episode...

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