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Episode 8: Gadolinium-Based Contrast Agents (GBCAs) Use in Pediatric MRI

In this episode, Howard, Kristan and Bill discuss the use of GBCAs in pediatric neuro MR imaging This MRiCast episode is sponsored by Bracco Diagnostics, Inc. through an unrestricted...

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Episode 7: Patient Screening and Preparation

In this episode, Kristan, Bill, and Howard discuss the specific procedural lessons for patient screening and preparation. ACR MR Safety Manual ACR MR Safety Screening Form Other MR Safety...

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Episode 5: Understanding SAR, dB/dT, and other Safety Metrics

Guest Dr. Karl Vigen discusses managing patient warming and heating in implants and devices as it relates to the radio frequency field.  Specific topics include Specific Absorption Rate (SAR),...

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Episode 6: The Unknown and MR Safety

In this episode, Kristan, Bill, and Howard discuss scanning patients with unknown or unlabeled items.   Educational Grant Sponsor This MRiCast episode is sponsored by Kopp Development through an...

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Episode 4: Pediatric MRI

Bill Faulkner, Kristan Harrington and Dr. Howard Rowley discuss challenges and solutions regarding performing MRI on pediatric patients.  Major topics include sedation, general anesthesia, motion reduction techniques and contrast...

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Episode 3: MRI in Patients with ICEDs

Vera Kimbrell joins Bill Faulkner and Dr. Howard Rowley to discuss performing MRI exams on patients with un-tested / un-labeled implanted cardiac electronic devices (ICEDs).  Topics include procedures related...

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Episode 2: Abbreviated Breast Protocol in MRI

In this episode of MR iCast we cover current uses of MRI of the breast in women.  In particular, the panelists discuss technical advances in breast MRI, its use...

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Episode 1: Fast Stroke MR Protocols

Dr. Howard Rowley, Bill Faulkner and Kristan Harrington discuss MR imaging in patients presenting with stroke symptoms. The topics include statistics on the types of strokes and certain...

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