Understanding SAR, dB/dT, and other Safety Metrics

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Guest Dr. Karl Vigen discusses managing patient warming and heating in implants and devices as it relates to the radio frequency field.  Specific topics include Specific Absorption Rate (SAR), Specific Energy Dose (SED) and B1+rms.

  • Discuss SAR as it relates to tissue heating
  • Explain the different SAR modes
  • Explore the reasons for ‘hot spots’ in respect to the RF coil being used
  • Describe SED and how it differs from SAR
  • Verbalize the limits in which the MR scanner will not allow you to image the patient for 24 hours
  • Define B1+rms
  • Assess how B1+rms is helpful in regards to implants and Devices

The content of this Contrast Enhanced MRI Program is intended for healthcare professionals who work in the MRI environment. These individuals include MRI Technologists, Imaging Nurses, MRI Researchers, and Others.

This program has been submitted for 1.00 hours of Category A CE credit as designated by the Society for MR Radiographers & Technologists (SMRT) RCEEM.

Greenberg_ISMRM-ACR MR Safety_jmri 2020

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