Pediatric MRI

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Bill Faulkner, Kristan Harrington and Dr. Howard Rowley discuss challenges and solutions regarding performing MRI on pediatric patients.  Major topics include sedation, general anesthesia, motion reduction techniques and contrast media use.

Discuss the challenges associated with Pediatric MRI

  • Explain the various types of sedation and methods for pediatric tolerance without sedation
  • Describe imaging techniques that will assist in pediatric patient ability to complete exams
  • Discuss CT versus MRI for imaging of pediatric patients
  • Learn new approach for the decision to deliver gadolinium based contrast agents

The content of this Contrast Enhanced MRI Program is intended for healthcare professionals who work in the MRI environment. These individuals include MRI Technologists, Imaging Nurses, MRI Researchers, and Others.

This program has been submitted for 1.00 hours of Category A CE credit as designated by the Society for MR Radiographers & Technologists (SMRT) RCEEM.

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