Abbreviated Breast Protocol in MRI

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Episode 2 of the MR iCast covers current uses of MRI of the breast in women.  In particular, the panelists discuss technical advances in breast MRI, its use in women who are at intermediate risk for breast cancer and especially those with dense breast.  Of note is a recent article referenced throughout the MRiCast: Comparison of Abbreviated Breast MRI vs Digital Breast Tomosynthesis for Breast Cancer Detection Among Women With Dense Breasts Undergoing Screening.

  • Describe the benefits of breast MRI over mammography
  • List some of the current statistics with regard to breast cancer in women
  • Describe/differentiate the two main types of breast cancers
  • Name some of the major technical advances from which breast MRI has benefited
  • Describe a typical abbreviated breast protocol
  • Name the patient groups which have benefited from the availability of an abbreviated breast protocol

The content of this Contrast Enhanced MRI Program is intended for healthcare professionals who work in the MRI environment. These individuals include MRI Technologists, Imaging Nurses, MRI Researchers, and Others.

This program has been submitted for .75 hour of Category A CE credit as designated by the Society for MR Radiographers & Technologists (SMRT) RCEEM.